An excellent way to lift your marks. HSC Hub will have small groups and work on single topics and texts from which you can choose your 10 (or more) over the term. Just like regular tuition, you pay for 10 lessons, but in HSC HUB WEDNESDAY you get to choose just which topic of any subject offered or which text you will study. You can use your lesson passes for any subject as long as you use them during that term. There will be no carry over.

Program for 2017 Term 1 will be available soon.



Year 11, the Preliminary year in high school, trains students in the skills to use in their final year of their HSC studies. This is as important to the student as year 12 as it is the time to become conversant with the strategies and methods they need to complete their course.


Year 12 is the year to build on their knowledge so that they can give more comprehensive responses to the questions asked in their Exams.

We cover most subjects for Prelim & HSC students. If it is not on the list here please call and we can find a tutor for you.

  • Maths – General Maths, Mathematics (2 Unit), Extension 1 Maths (3 Unit), Extension 2 Maths (4 Unit)
  • English – Standard English, Advanced English, Extension 1 English, ESL English
  • Science – Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Earth & Environmental, Senior Science
  • History – Ancient History, Modern History
  • Geography
  • Business Studies
  • Engineering
  • Languages –  Japanese, French, Indonesia, Italian, German, Spanish, Mandarin
  • Music – Up to HSC level, especially keyboard, guitar, singing
  • Drama – Up to HSC level, and Shakespeare


Classes: Classes are available in individual and small groupsHSC-Tuition

Times: Classes are normally between 3.30pm and 6.30pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 1pm Saturdays. There are available times during the day for HSC and Prelim students with free periods at this time.

Home School Classes: Available during school hours

Admin: Open from 9.00am Coffs Harbour for all inquiries – please call Bettina for any timetable changes before 12noon Mon to Fri



HSC Workshops

hsc girl

Never fear…  Revision workshops are here!

At 10am-12 noon during the school holidays, The Education Centre is running small-group revision tutorials with specialist Teachers.

April 2017 School Holidays Will be posted soon.



FEES – see below – If you bring 4 friends you can get yours for free.


2- hour tutorial 1 student              $100.00 

 2 students           $60.00 per person

 3 students plus   $50.00 per person

Remember, If you bring 4 friends you can get yours for free.

Places are limited


The following Teachers will be available during the day for HSC Individual or Group Tuition up until your exam.


Year 12 students may book 1 or more lessons depending on needs