Preschool Tuition available at The Education Centre Coffs Harbour

Early Learning Adventures, which caters specifically to children aged 3-5 years, offers a diverse range of programs, including literacy, junior science, music and movement, creative arts and languages. These classes are great for children who do not attend pre-school and provide the next step for those who do.

The classes are of one hour duration, once a week, for 4-5 children and are conducted between 9am and 12noon weekdays.OSullivan-1271

  • Literacy/Junior Science – This 1 1/2 hour class is where  ‘Reading Road’ starts and incorporates phonemic awareness, listening skills, following directions, discussion and speaking presented in a fun manner. These 1 1/2 hour classes are for students with an inquiring mind who wish to find out about the world around them. This class incorporates Science and HSIE at a pre-school level.
  • Little Languages – Japanese and French coming soon. Inquiries welcome
  • Music and Movement – Coming Soon. Inquiries welcome


Classes: 10 weeks each term (unless a 9 week school term)

Times: 9.30 am to 11am

Days: Please call for information about days