Benefits of Individual Tuition

Individual tuition is a good first step where a student builds confidence  and knowledge at their own pace. This is particularly good when a student is struggling to keep up in class or needs to be extended more than other students of the same age.

Benefits of group tuition

Group tuition can benefit many students as they have the opportunity to learn from interactions with the tutor, as well as learn from each other. Working in groups allows students to learn problem solving skills and ask each other questions, and also develops the skills to teach other students. Students learn to work together by sharing a variety of views in order to solve problems as a group, and there is also the opportunity for more questions and answers to be presented within a tutorial.

When explaining a solution to another student, it reinforces the information on the subject as it requires an understanding of the concept behind the learning. Students also often benefit from listening to the other students questions as they may not have thought of that particular question themselves. Hence, besides being a more affordable option, group tutoring can assist in fostering problem solving skills, teamwork, and cooperation as well as promoting an active learning environment.