Acting Classes

Available at The Mudhut. Please contact The Education Centre Coffs Harbour

images (2)Acting is all about communication. In order to communicate effectively, we encourage young people to take up acting so that they can learn how to present themselves with confidence and clarity… skills that will serve them well in their lives long after the school years have finished.
As part of our commitment to the personal development of young people, The Education Centre is pleased to offer a range of specialised acting classes for young people in all age groups.
Our drama tutors are fully trained teachers whose acting skills and experience have been gathered from work in theatres and schools throughout New South Wales.
All classes work towards a finished production to be performed at the end of Term Three, 2016.
Acting Classes age groups:
• 16 – 20 years Theatre Arts and Acting
• 12 – 16 years Acting Out
• 9 – 12 years Stage Steps
• 7 – 9 years Drama Games
Some classes will feature coaching in:
• how to prepare and deliver monologuesdownload (3)
• developing your character
• understanding a script
• the basics of stagecraft
• understanding Shakespeare
• practising for Eisteddfod (10 years + only)
Classes are held at Cavanbah Hall in Harbour Drive  in the Coffs CBD or Sportzcentral in Bray Street and take place after school. Occasional sessions and visits to the Jetty Memorial Theatre will also feature as part of the course.
Each course lasts for 10 weeks with a two-week school holiday break.
Please enquire for times and days. Tel 02 6652 2222 or email:

Drama Games 7-9yo

Stage Steps 9-12yo

Acting Out 12-16yo

Acting Up 16-20yo

Drama Games 7-9yodrama games 7-9yr olds

‘Drama Games’ is a fun, interactive way of learning acting skills is a must for all budding junior thespians. Students learn how to visualise different scenarios and think creatively using problem-solving skills, both individually and as part of a group. Essentially, the course helps students to explore feelings and build their self-confidence through ‘play-acting’.

Our teachers focus on fun and inclusivity – all students are encouraged and empowered to contribute as much as they can, without the pressure of a classroom environment. The course consists of 20 one-hour sessions over two terms leading up to a final showcase performance in September every year at the Jetty Memorial Theatre.
‘Drama Games’ is the perfect starting point for the pre-teen with an interest in acting, singing or performance arts in any capacity.
Class Time: 4:15pm Tuesdays during school term – Holiday workshops available – Individual classes available at other times.
Venue: Cavanbah Hall, 191 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour (near ‘Coles’)

Stage Steps.  9 – 12yochicago,play,event

‘Stage Steps’ is a new and exciting acting class that offers students between 9 and 12 years of age the opportunity to develop acting skills through games, acting exercises and productions. This course is ideal for young people either preparing for Eisteddfod or just wanting to work with a group to gain acting skills and a sound knowledge of what is involved in creating a stage production.
Our new Teacher, Natalie Cowling, is ready to help students attain a high level of understanding of Dramatic Art.
Students will learn the art of acting, including character development, method acting and production preparation. The course culminates in a final showcase production at the end of September each year at the Jetty Memorial Theatre.
Individual Eisteddfod practice classes with Natalie are also available.

Coffs Harbour

Class Time: 4:15pm Mondays during school term – Holiday workshops available – Individual classes available at other times.
Venue: Cavanbah Hall, 191 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour (near ‘Coles’).

Teacher: Natalie Cowling


Class Time: 3.30pm Wednesdays 

Venue: St. Francis Xavier Primary School, Queen St, Woolgoolga

Teacher: Yvonne Kachel

Acting Out – 12-16yoImage result for radio play

Ideally tailored for students in the 12-16 year age group, ‘Acting Out’ takes students who are keen to develop their acting skills and take them to the next level. The course covers both basic acting skills as well as more refined acting proficiencies such as: creating and delivering monologues, Shakespeare interpretation and performance, vocal development and body language and movement. Students will be encouraged to develop their own piece of work as well as a small group performance, such as a sketch or dramatic excerpt.
As with other courses, students will work towards delivering a final showcase performance at the end of September at the Jetty Memorial Theatre. This course is ideal for students who are considering HSC Drama in their senior years or who are thinking or forging a career in the field of performance arts.
To find out more about times, costs and start dates for this course, please contact the Education Centre on 02 6652 2222 or email
Class Times: 4.15pm Thursdays
Venue: Sportzcentral, Bray St, Coffs Harbour

Teacher: Yvonne Kachel



This course for 16-20 year olds concentrates on the two main areas of stagecraft and method acdramating. It is specifically designed for those young people who would like to follow a career or further studies in Theatre Arts and Acting. It is ideal for those students taking HSC Drama in Year 12.
The course features:
• The basics of Theatre – live theatre and its place in society, how theatres work, who does what, theatre terminology, the technical roles: lights, sound, props etc.
• The basics of Production – deciding on the show, developing the show from script to stage, the role of the director, the audition process, the rehearsal process.
• Acting Skills – how to develop your character, techniques of method acting, voice projection, elocution and diction, movement.
• Monologue Skills – how to deliver a first-class monologue, write a monologue of your own.
• Shakespeare – understanding Shakespeare and his audiences – both then and now, the tragedies, the comedies, the history plays explained, how to perform Shakespeare and understanding the language of Shakespeare.
The tutor for this course is Penny Dennis BA, GradDipEd. She is a fully qualified teacher of HSC English, a playwright (Autumn Song, Jetty Theatre 2014, Companion Planting – in production for 2017) with over 10 years acting experience. She is a committee member of CHATS Productions Inc.
To find out more about times, costs and start dates for this course, please contact the Education Centre on 02 6652 2222 or email

Class Times: Satjurday Mornings 10.00am to 11.30am

Venue: The Education Centre

Teacher: Penny Dennis