Language Courses

Available at The Education Centre Coffs Harbour


Japanese is spoken by 126 million people mainly in Japan but also in 26 other countries. Known to the Japanese as ‘Nihongo’, Japanese uses 4 distinct systems of writing: kanji, hiragana, katakana and romanji. Vocabulary can vary according to gender of the speaking person: women use other vocabulary than men. A huge number of Chinese ‘loan’ words, in fact perhaps 50% of the words used in Japanese are of Chinese origin.

Teacher: Kiyomi Takayama



French and German

Jeff James will teach you the art of the German and/or French language.

The German language is prominent in literature and philosophy and today it is the mother-tongue of the majority of people in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, making it an ideal travel language to learn for European holidays.

In total there are estimated to be more than 200 million French speakers around the world. Approximately 20,000 English words have their origin in French language, which makes much of the French ‘vocabulaire’ easy to learn for native English speakers


Agustina Rodrigues will introduce you to the colour and vibrancy of the Spanish language that beautifully reflects the flamboyance of Spanish culture. There are approximately 400 million people across Spain, Latin America and beyond who speak Spanish for business and pleasure, why not join them.


Mandarin (Chinese)

Mandarin, the official language of China, has over 800 million speakers, learning this language can broaden both your leisure and busine ss pursuits.

Teacher: David Dunn


Beginners and intermediate classes are available, Secondary to Adult. Advanced students may like our conversation classes. Enquiries also welcome for primary students.