Do you want help your young person to reach their potential?

Would you like to give them the best chance
of success for their future?

The Education Centre has helped thousands of students since 2004 to improve their marks and gain confidence.

You can find the right tutor for your child/young person at The Education Centre.

Our tutors develop individual learning plans for students and assist them in building confidence and improving their academic performance.

HSC tutoring Mid North Coast - The Education Centre

If you want to improve your young person's learning outcomes and their social interactions in the classroom

you can do something to help them now.

Here's how it works

The purpose of education is to help students become self reliant learners.

However there are lots of things that can cause learning to slow or stop. Family trauma, anxiety, learning difficulties, even a head knock. If unattended this can lead to a lack of confidence, low marks and eventually disengagement.

Our goal is to improve their attitude, knowledge and skills so they have more opportunities in the future.

Creative writing class

Students should have every chance to perform well at school

They should be able to access help when they need it, whether that be in school or outside.

It is important to the child's future to succeed at school as it gives them the best chance of success in their adult life.

We know you are the kind of person who wants to be proud of your young person's achievements.

A way to achieve this is to support your child in their education.

We believe you should not have to limit family or work time to give your child the help they require.

Students in Tutoring Mid North Coast - The Education Centre

Tuition Mid North Coast

HSC Tuition​

Focuses on the skills necessary for Year 12; students learn to provide comprehensive responses.

Years 9-10​

We help students to realise their own potential in readiness for their final years at school.

Years 5-8

This is a time of discovery of students' own abilities when they learn to achieve through our guidance.

Year K-4

Learning to read and basic maths takes priority in these years as well as English & phonics.


Beginners to intermediate. Primary to Adult. Japanese German, French, Spanish and other languages.

Computer Classes - Adults

DIGITAL DISCOVERY PROGRAM - for adults to understand more about todays's technology.

After School & Holiday Activities

STEAM SCENE was designed to help develop students' imagination and thirst for knowledge.


Programs designed with participant's goals in mind. NDIS provider No:z4050023650

Be Connected - Free Classes

Classes for over 50s to gain a better understanding of computers, smart phones & internet.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that if your child participates fully in their tuition their results will improve.