We help students improve their understanding and ability to solve problems through consistent and reliable tuition giving parents peace of mind about their Child's future.

Are you worried that your child is not
working to the best of their ability?

Do you think your child is falling behind at school?

We can help you find the right tutor for your child

The Education centre has been helping thousands of students 
since 2004 to improve their marks and gain confidence

We can help you find the right tutor for your child.

The purpose of education is to help students become self reliant equipping them to develop their knowledge skills and attitudes that will enhance their opportunities in their future

However there can be many complications that may which arise, that can get in the way of learning. These complications can cause lack of confidence, low marks, lack of interest and eventual disengagement in learning if left unattended.

HSC tutoring Mid North Coast - The Education Centre

If you want to improve your child's learning outcomes and their 
social interactions in the classroom environment

You can do something to help your child now

Students should have every chance 
to perform well at school

They should be able to access help when they need it, whether that be in school or outside.

It is important to the child's future to succeed at school as it gives them the best chance of success in there adult life.

At the education centre we know you are the kind of people who want to be proud of your child's achievements. A way to achieve this is to support your child at school.

The problem could be that you lack time or the necessary training, which can make you feel helpless.

We believe you should not have to limit family or work time to give your child the help they require.

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