What can I do now to prepare my
young person for their senior years?

How can I help them take
more interest in thier studies?

Slow progress and loss of interest could indicate that a student is struggling with one or more subjects. This could be the first sign that the student needs some extra assistance.

This is the time when you can take action to help students regain their interest and fill in those gaps that are holding them back.

The tutors at The Education Centre can assist students to gain a better understanding of their subjects, thus gaining confidence and interest.

Our tutors cater for individual needs and use different strategies to maximise student engagement.

With your help we can choose a tutor who will guide your son/daughter to develop healthy study habits and a better understanding of concepts they are learning in school.

There are many ways to help your child succeed at school, you can do any one of a combination of classes.

The Education Centre tutors can help students individually, but team guidance is often the best option. Some students need the company of other students to make for a better overall experience and to help them grow in maturity and confidence.

Students in Tutoring Mid North Coast - The Education Centre
Students in tutoring classes Close up- tutoring Mid North Coast- The Education Centre

Witness their learning journey as they become engaged, confident and social learners.

Celebrate your son/daughters achievements and watch them gain confidence and recover their passion for learning.

Program: Step Ahead English 9 - 10

Details to be announced soon!

Program: Next Year's Maths

Details to be announced soon!





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