Foundation for High School

The Foundation for High School course is designed to equip students with the academic and personal skills required for success in high school. The course focuses on strengthening students’ knowledge in basic math, as well as developing their English skills with a multi-disciplinary investigation-based project. Students will learn how to effectively plan, research, write, edit, and present their work visually and verbally. Developing confidence, collaboration and speaking skills, they will also explore local history, geography and multimedia disciplines to create a final presentation for their families.

This is very much the same as our Preparation for High School course but at a noticeably higher level. A-N-D We have a fantastic program organized for students for 2023. I can’t wait to put it up here!!! My goodness… onsite classes, videoing, research… and more! And because there are 4 to 6 students, it will be more affordable too.

This year ‘Foundation for High School’ will continue over two terms as there is so much to learn. It will be jam packed with skills to help students to flow seamlessly into high school expectations.

20 x 1.5 hour classes – includes some excursions