What can I do to help my son or
daughter overcome stress in the
lead up to the HSC?

How can I support them to achieve 
the marks to get into the course of 
their choice?

Are you looking for a way to reduce stress during the lead up to the HSC?

In year 12, we focus on consolidating knowledge to prepare our students to answer exam questions in a more comprehensive way.

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Coffs Harbour Prelim/HSC Tuition

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Preparing students for the HSC is best started in year 11, their preliminary HSC year, as well as year 12. By assisting students in developing regular study habits, we can help them become more productive in their studies.

We aim to cover most subjects for Prelim and HSC Students. If your needs are not covered in the list below, please get in touch and we will find a tutor for you. We offer face to face, online or a combination of both where suitable.

Program: Fit for Study HSC Intensive Y10-12

Elevate academic excellence with our ‘Fit for Study HSC Intensive’ for students in Year 10-12. Our tailored program empowers students with strategic study skills and subject-specific mastery for success in higher education.

Year 11 & 12 tuition

We provide the following areas of expertise

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Your son or daughter deserves the best tutor.

Let us find the right one for you.

The Education Centre offers qualified and experienced tutors in a variety of specialized fields.

We offer courses all over the world from our centres in Coffs Harbour, Grafton & Woolgoolga.