Would you like to boost your child's literacy and reading ability?

Would you like to improve your child's numeracy skills?

Early years are critical to a child's development. Providing your child with the right start can make all the difference.

If a student misses some of the early information it may affect them for many years. Why not be sure that they have a firm foundation to build on.

Teachers and tutors who care about your child's progress

You can give your child the chance they deserve at The Education Centre because there are teachers and tutors who care about your child's progress.

Teachers and tutors who are well versed in the current curriculum, who understand the need for parents and carers to find academic support for their child.

If required, our tutors can connect with the teachers at school and make sure that what they are working with is relevant to the progress of that student.

They can help your child to...love to learn

Program: Reluctant Readers Y2 - 4

Details to be announced soon!