We help students improve their understanding and their ability to solve problems, by consistent and reliable tuition giving parents peace of mind about their child's future.

There are many ways to help your child succeed at school, you can do any one of a combination of classes. The Education Centre tutors can help students individually, but team guidance is often the best option. Some students need the company of other students to make for a better overall experience and to help them grow in maturity and confidence.

Teachers and tutors who care about your child's progress

The Education Centre has many teachers and tutors who care about your child's progress and can help you give them the chance they deserve.

Out tutors understand the need for parents and carers to find support for their child academically. Teachers and tutors who are well versed with current curriculum and can devote the time required to their charges regularly each week in a safe and positive environment.

If required, our tutors can connect with the teachers at school and make sure that what they are working with is relevant to the progress of that student.

They can help your child to...love to learn