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Language Tuition Mid North Coast

Not only do The Education Centre teachers and tutors excel at teaching Maths, English, Science and more, we also offer language classes!

Get in touch with us today to learn a new language! Now offering Online Tuition!

Online Language Classes Now Available!

Subjects Available Include: 

  • Japanese
  • French 
  • German  
  • Spanish
  • Arabic

Language Courses at The Education Centre

Japanese Language & Culture

The language of Japan adds another veil of mystery to the fascinating intrigue of Japanese culture.

Japanese is spoken by more than 126 million people. Not just the dominant language in the Land of the Rising Sun, Japanese is also spoken in 26 other countries around the world.

‘Nihongo’—as it’s known to the Japanese—uses 4 distinct systems of writing: Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana and Romanji.

The Japanese language borrows extensively from Chinese. Some 50% of the words used in Japanese have Chinese origins. Another interesting point is that the Japanese vocabulary varies according to gender of the person speaking. Women use a different vocabulary to men.

Offered at Coffs Harbour and online

Spanish Language

Bienvenidos a nuestras clases de español para adultos en inglés!

Join us as we embark on a journey to learn Spanish with our experienced Colombian tutor, Natalia.

Our classes are designed to immerse you in the language, history, and culture, while also exploring topics such as travel, cuisine, and themed days tailored to adult learners.

Get ready to expand your horizons and embrace the beauty of the Spanish language with us!”

There are four introductory classes this term:

Wednesday          4th April       6.00pm

Wednesdays         10th April     6.00pm

Friday                   6th April       11.30am

Friday                   13th April     11.30am

10 week course – starting Wednesday 1st May and Friday 3rd May 2024

These classes are designed to prepare you for basic travel language knowledge.

Bookings essential: $40.00 per class, ($30.00 each if you bring a friend.)

Bookings and Payment due by 31st March 2024 for introductory classes.

Intermediate classes available: minimum 5 students per class.

Call Liz 0478 413 549/02 6652 2222

German Language & Culture

German is the mother-tongue for the people of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. Its precision is prominent in literature and philosophy.

An ideal language to learn for your European holidays, we suspect it will be easier than you might imagine to twist your tongue around the guttural German language.

Offered at Coffs Harbour and  Woolgoolga and online.

French Language & Culture

The French language is melodious, sensuous and seductive.

You can confidently take big strides into learning much of the French ‘vocabulaire’, with so many words familiar to native English speakers. Around 20,000 English words having their origin in the French language.

Join more than 200 million people around the world who parle Français.

Offered at Coffs Harbour and Woolgoolga and online.

Arabic Language & Culture

We are looking for adults who want to learn Arabic in 2023 in Coffs Harbour. Children’s classes will be available.

Classes to start in February 2023. Limited places available. 

10 x 1 Hour classes – further classes in following school terms.

FEES:  Individual – $70.00 per lesson   Group – $40.00 per lesson

Children Group: 30.00 per lesson Creative Kids Vouchers accepted

Offered in Coffs Harbour only. Please call Liz on 0435972460 to reserve your place.