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  • Grammar
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  • Handwriting
  • Creative Writing
  • Maths
  • Science


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Home School Classes

Available in individual and small groups

Coffs Harbour Primary Tutors

Primary tuition is now available at The Education Centres in Coffs Harbour, Woolgoolga and Grafton.

At The Education Centre, we take the unusual approach of gearing our teaching to the individual. We begin by having Primary and Infants students complete a brief assessment. This will give us a good indication of their levels and enable us to structure our programs.

We then find a teacher or tutor best suited for contributing to your child’s education. This teacher will work with the students’ strengths and bolster any aspects that might prove to be weaknesses. To help with learning, where practical, the student’s own interests can be brought into play.

Along with significant improvements to their academic outcomes, students regularly experience a change in attitude, with less anxiety, greater confidence and improved self-esteem.

In the general schooling system, adapting to individual learning styles is not really possible. Our approach, however, is to ensure that equal opportunity, when it comes to education, is available to young people on the Mid North Coast.

At The Education Centre, we provide a more flexible and customised way of teaching. To help students enjoy learning, our teachers use methods that are more co-operative, interactive, engaging and fun.

Online maths tutoring classes The Education Centre

Year 6 Preparation for High School

Students who start year 7 with confidence do better in high school. These are students who are confident in:

  • Basic maths skills
  • English skills, including grammar, vocabulary & essay writing
  • Knowing how to plan, research, edit & put together a good assignment.

Prepare For High School Today!

Our Year 6 Preparation for High School course is extremely helpful for students who are about to enter high school.

We boost Maths, English, and assignment skills in 15 classes of 90 minute duration, over Terms 3 and 4. These skills cannot be over-estimated. Our focus on Maths, for example, will equip students with skills that will prove advantageous when they take on Year 7’s higher level mathematics. It will also benefit NAPLAN testing in May.

English skills can easily be incorporated into an assignment of the student’s own choosing. We’re happy to provide a list of suggestions and the whole program will be made as interesting as possible for the student. The skills gained will include planning, research, essay writing, vocabulary, editing, and presentation.

A pivotal confidence booster at the end of the program is when students make their presentation. Parents are invited. And a certificate of participation presented on the day. As you can imagine, this is all about breaking through and realising that the exams ahead are in no way insurmountable. It’s about accomplishment and taking pride in one’s work.

Face-To-Face & Online Tutoring Coffs Harbour & Surrounds

Are you struggling to keep up? Or just know you;’re not achieving your potential? Call the team at The Education Centre today!

Our specialised tutors are heavily qualified and experienced in their subjects of choice and are here to help.