Creative Kids Vouchers from Services NSW!

The Education Centre is helping make it easier for kids to get involved in creative activities. With Creative Kids, NSW Government is giving parents, guardians, and carers a $100 yearly voucher to put towards lessons and fees with registered providers. Let’s explore the different creative classes available through the Education Centre and how they can benefit your children.
Online Classes Now Available!

Creative Art Classes

Creative art classes are an ideal way to help your kids express themselves in a safe, nurturing
environment. Through these classes, children can learn basic techniques with pencils, pens,
markers, inks as well as watercolors and acrylics. They can also explore recognizable objects
along with abstract concepts while learning how to use light and shadow to create depth.
Additionally, they will be able to work on various types of paper or canvas allowing them to
experiment with different media and develop their skills at the same time.

Perspective Drawing

Perspective drawing is a great way for kids to learn about angles and proportions—skills that are essential for creating realistic drawings. Through perspective drawing classes, children will learn about vanishing points and horizon lines allowing them to create more accurate representations of scenes from life. In addition, they’ll also be exposed to techniques like one – point perspective which can help them draw landscapes as well as interior settings more realistically.

Digital Art

Digital art classes are perfect for introducing children to painting software. These classes will teach students the basics of digital painting including how to use layers effectively while exploring the vast array of tools available inside their painting software of choice such as Photoshop or Procreate. They’ll also learn important concepts such as color theory while sharpening their brushstrokes by practicing on tablet or computer monitors instead of traditional canvases or paper sheets.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts activities are great for developing problem-solving skills in young minds while teaching them patience and organization all at once! These activities will allow your children to have fun using paper mache materials along with fabrics, clay, foam sheets among other things so that they can create masterpieces from scratch! They’ll be able to work on projects that involve making 3D sculptures through collages or even mosaics if you decide this type of activity
is right for them!

Special Interest Classes

Primary – Arts & Crafts – Coffs Harbour Centre

Secondary – Art & About – Drawing and painting, learning about perspective at different locations

Individual Art Tuition

Preparation for High School