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Teachers & Tutors at The Education Centre - Coffs Harbour - Woolgoolga - Grafton

We have an amazing team of Tutors, dedicated to helping students of all levels to reach their potential. Teachers and Tutors who are arguably the best in their field in our area.

Some who have been tutoring with us for more than 15 years and new tutors who have brought even more excellence in tuition to our Centres. 

If you would like to be part of that team, please call 0435972460. We are always building our student numbers and always looking for more tutors.

Tutor Mid North Coast - The Education Centre

Greg L
Coffs Harbour - In Centre

– HSC Physics, Chemistry, Maths 2 Unit, Maths Extension 1 & 2, Engineering

Greg completed a BSc., majoring in mathematics at UNE (Armidale) 2001. He previously studied Science at Griffith University (Brisbane) 1990-91 and ANU (Canberra) 1992. Also studied Electrical Engineering at Wollongong University 1975-77. Greg has 13 years’ experience in tutoring maths, physics, chemistry and engineering studies at The Education Centre. Maths includes extension 1 and extension 2 in Y12.
His other interests include sailing and railway history

Col G
Coffs Harbour - In Centre

Maths Year 7 to HSC General—Maths Teacher, Year 7 to Year 12 General Maths

Col has been with The Education Centre for more than 10 years, having now retired from teaching at Coffs Harbour High School (Jetty High). He has 35 years’ experience as a teacher of children in the subject areas of Mathematics and Science. He is, and has always been, heavily involved in the Welfare of Students. His other passions are his family and sport, where he has coached in the National Touch League and is qualified as a National Selector. He currently is involved in local football, being an active referee and President of the local Referee’s Association.
Prior to coming to Coffs Harbour, he taught at James Cook Boys High, Kogarah, Ashford Central School, and Katoomba High School.

Tutor Mid North Coast - The Education Centre

Wendy P
Coffs Harbour - In Centre
Woolgoolga - In Centre/Online

– Primary and Early Secondary—Maths, English and Science

Wendy is a passionate teacher, excelling in this field for more than 31 years. Tutoring is what she finds to be the most rewarding type of teaching, working for direct goals and seeing these goals being achieved. Wendy notes that tutoring is more effective when children are acknowledged, cared for and shown respect. Feeling safe, they can be challenged and inspired to learn.  In her tutoring, she supports their needs for attention and approval, and values the children as individuals. Wendy’s tutoring helps children acquire a strong foundation in the knowledge and skills needed for success at school and for life in general. Originally from Sydney, Wendy was based at one main school for 25 years. She knows well the need for staff support, cooperation and rapport. Now, at The Education Centre, in line with our policies and practices, she generously shares helpful ideas with other staff members.

Tutor Mid North Coast - The Education Centre

Kiyomi T
Coffs Harbour - In Centre/online

Japanese Language, Culture, Conversation

Kiyomi has a BA from Osaka University of Foreign Studies and a Diploma for ESL from the same university. 

Before moving to Australia, Kiyomi worked in Financial Derivatives markets in London. Since 2010, she has also been working as a translator/interpreter. Kiyomi says, “I feel that teaching my native language is giving a piece of me and sharing cultures with each other. Every lesson is tailormade for the individual or group and I strive to make it a memorable experience.” 

At The Education Centre, children and adults can study with Kiyomi, learning for fun, HSC, JLTP (Japanese – Language Proficiency Test), language exchange programs, holidays, business, and culture.

Miriam J
Woolgoolga - In Centre
Coffs Harbour – In Centre/Online

English K-6, Reading K-6, Maths K-6

Judy N
Woolgoolga - In Centre
Coffs Harbour - In Centre/Online
WWC2494557E - NDIS:31330350

English, Maths, Art

Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts), Diploma of Education, Certificate IV in Small Business Management

I help with programs tailored to suit individual needs in English, Maths and Art. 

I love to work one on one with people for whom English is a second language, to increase literacy, confidence and understanding. 

I enjoy books and reading, and hope to instil this in my students. 

As a practising artist, I can also deliver practical art programs to small groups. Emphasis is on learning various techniques and enjoyment of the processes, (rather than mass manufacture of a product), so that students carry these learnings to their own artmaking and individual expression. 

I am happy to provide gentle, encouraging support to people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.



Greg J
Woolgoolga – In Centre/Online

Maths Y5-12 Standard, 

Michelle A
Grafton – In Centre/Online

English K – 12, Maths K-6

Alice H
Coffs Harbour – In Centre/OnLine

Bachelor Degree Interior Design, Tutoring experience, Experience with youth and disabilities.

Visual arts HSC Diploma Level, Design & Technology (HSC), English Y3-Y10

Garth Tuckett - Teacher at The Education Centre

Garth T Coffs Harbour - In Centre
Woolgoolga - In Centre/Online

I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in English, Speech and Drama as well as a Higher Education Diploma. In 1992 I obtained my Master’s Degree in Education.

After graduation, I joined The Performing Arts Council of the Transvaal in South Africa where I worked as a professional actor for 10 years in their Theatre in Education Company. After having immigrated to Australia I have taught English and Drama to year 7 to 12. The Drama courses I taught were from year 7 to year 12 for the pretertiary year 11 course as well as the  Theatre Performance Course in year 12 and a Technical Lighting and Set Design Course.   I was also the Coordinator of the Arts, Music, and Drama Faculties as well as being an Examiner and Moderator of the Arthur Barrington Region in Tasmania. I have also taught English to all levels including Standard and Advanced English to years 11 and 12. One of my students in my English Extension Course had her work published by the NSW Education Department.

To conclude my Teaching career spanned over 25 years and I still love to Tutor and help and guide students in their chosen fields.

Daniel L
Coffs Harbour - In Centre

Maths Y3-10

Tina K
Coffs Harbour - In Centre

English K-6, Reading K-6, Maths K-6

Mariya B
Coffs Harbour - In Centre

Maths Y5-10

Megan H
Woolgoolga - In Centre/On line

Maths K-12 

Jeff J
Woolgoolga - In Centre
Coffs Harbour - In Centre/Online

– German Y 7-12, French Y7-12

Michael B
Grafton - In Centre/On line

Maths Y5-10, Biology Y11-12

Tutor Mid North Coast - The Education Centre

Vivien R
Coffs Harbour - In Centre

– Art to Y12

Master of Product Design, Cert IV TAE Teaching, Cert IV Small Business.  Art & German, Teaching Design, Workshops, Mentoring, Designer

Vivien hails from Germany, where she did her Masters Degree in Product Design.  Moving to Australia in 2006, she completed her Certificate IV in Small Business as well as Certificate IV TAE in Teaching.  In 2010, Vivien started her own business in toy design and manufacturing i called Toys of Wood. “The love for wood started in my grandfather’s workshop,” she says, “watching him create beautiful furniture. And I loved the smell of wood shavings. He gave me some of his tools, which I still use today.” In 2012, she taught Furniture Design at Coffs Harbour TAFE. Since then, she has staged workshops in art and design for people of all ages.  “Drawing down an idea,” Viven says, “is the easiest way to understand what you are about to produce. Drawing, painting and collaging have always been a big part of my life. And I enjoy passing on my knowledge to others. I believe that everyone has a creative side. You just have to practice and nurture it.”
Now at The Education Centre, tutoring drawing the way she once learned it, Vivien is very excited to be working with both children and adults.

Jeremy S
Coffs Harbour/Woolgoolga - In Centre

Art, Digital Art

Thor W
Coffs Harbour - In Centre

English K-6, Maths K-6 

Sue D
Grafton - In Centre/On line

English K-8

Sableen K
Woolgoolga - In Centre

Maths, Science

John K
Coffs Harbour/Woolgoolga - In Centre

ESL, Maths Y5-8