Preschool tuition TBA

Early Learning Adventures caters specifically to children aged 3–5 years with a diverse range of programs, including literacy, junior science, music and movement, creative arts and languages. Ideal for kids who don’t attend preschool and provides readiness for school for those who do. Class sizes are 4–5 children.

Duration: 90 minutes Time: 9:30am–11am


Private Tuition K-Y6

Whether your child is exceptionally gifted and needs challenging educational activities or struggles to keep up in a classroom situation, we can provide suitable tutoring based on their individual learning needs. Private tuition and semi private classes  are  available at our Coffs Harbour centre. 

All children up to year 8 will undergo individual assessment to give us an indication of their academic skills and a starting point to structure our programs.

Reluctant Writers Y2-4



Year 6 Preparation for High School

Making the transition to high school can be a daunting experience. The start of Year 6 is the ideal time to plan for the move with support training to ensure your child starts high school feeling confident. Our Year 6 prep course will help equip students with the skills required for high school including basic maths, essay writing and how to plan, research assignments.


Private Tuition Y7-10

Foundation for High School
Year 7

Curriculum based
Year 7-10

Entertaining English y7-8

Maths in Action y7-8

Next year's Maths Y10

Holiday Intensive


PrivateTuition Y11-12

Languages - Curriculum based Y11-12

Next year's Maths Y11

Fit for Study HSC Intensive Y11-12

Advanced Maths Master Class Year 11

Advanced Maths Master Class Year 12

HSC Holiday Workshops

The time leading up to sitting for their HSC is one of the most stressful times of a student’s life, but it doesn’t have to be. We run small group holiday workshops to help your child plan for trials so they’ll be well prepared for exams. Subjects include:

  • English – Paper 1, Paper 2, standard & advanced
  • Various texts
  • Maths general
  • Advanced history – modern and ancient
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

Prep for Uni

Essay Writing and referencing

Advanced Maths



Assessment Planning

Internal assessments contribute to the end of year mark. With time-management knowledge, planning and researching skills, your teen will have the skills to complete assessments without stress and all-nighters.